10 online dating mistakes to avoid

10 online dating mistakes to avoid

Jewish online dating mistakes

Jewish online dating can be a fun, easy and a fairly painless way to meet other Jewish singles. However, like anything else in life, new experiences are almost always preceded with a learning curve, and until you get the hang of it, you would probably make numerous mistakes. Here are the 10 common online dating mistakes, especially among new online daters, that you should be aware of.

1. Not being honest in your profile

This is probably one of the most common online dating mistake. The things people commonly lie about are age, weight, height and income; not very different than real life. However, can work against you in the online scene, and should be avoided. If you must lie in your profile because you feel you are unfairly filtered in search results, for example, you are in your 50s, but look much younger, or your weight sounds high, but really you have heavy bones, please make sure that you explain those issues in your essay responses. That way your relationship does not start on the basis of a lie.

2. Submitting an old inaccurate photo of yourself

Submitting a photo that is outdated or does not resemble you, may initially attract your prospect, but once you meet in person, he/she will be extremely disappointed. If there is a picture you like in particular, but is not accurate anymore, post another one that is accurate.

3. Not posting a profile picture

most people will not even bother reading a profile that does not have a picture. As much as we don’t want to admit it, the profile picture is one of the first thing a dater looks at to decide whether to even begin reading your profile. People who do not submit their photo come across as insecure or perhaps overly cautious, both not so attractive attributes when it comes to online dating. Luckily most non-free online dating sites (paid online dating sites), do not allow to post a profile without a picture, allowing you to avoid this common mistake.

4. Talking about sensitive topics in your essay, especially being political, racist overly sexual or even talking about the desire to marry and have kids

Unless Jewish dating site is a niche dating site, that is dedicated to this specific topic, it would be wise not to touch those issues in your initial essay, or at least be very careful. People come from different backgrounds with different points of views, and issues and topics that may be categorized by you as appropriate might be offensive and uncomfortable to other people. This may put prospects off and in extreme cases may get you banned by the dating service. If those issues are very important to you, you can give some hints in your essay, but be careful, take it slow and when your e-relationship progress, you may be more open about it.

5. Mentioning past failed relationship very often

your essay and first emails tend to amplify what you say, so any hint of negativity can work against you, especially if you mention past failed relationship very often. If your prospect will sense that you are bitter or not over a past relationship yet, he/she will may lose their interest.

6. Not being proactive

Of all the online dating mistakes this is probably the most damaging one .Women only initiate one tenth of the amount of emails men write when it comes to online dating. Simply said, if men don’t initiate the first email, women most likely won’t either. So, whether you are a man or a woman, if you see someone you like, initiate contact ASAP. Women, if you don’t want to limit your selection only to those who contact you, choose to be more proactive, and you are likely to get ahead of the competition. In addition, most online dating services do not allow members to send or even reply your email, if they didn’t pay their subscription fee. For that reason there is no point waiting for them to initiate the first contact. However, if you send them an email, they might pay their subscription just for you!

7. Insisting on meeting in person right away

Internet dating is not an electronic phone book of available singles, it’s a tool, that allows you to get to know people and to filter them based on their profile information before you give up your anonymity. Meeting someone right away, defeats the purpose of internet dating and not to mention can be dangerous. Insisting on meeting in person right away, may be off putting to your prospect. Also, you should always be suspicions yourself of daters who wants to meet immediately. If you choose to meet them, take extra caution. Meet them in a public place, tell someone where you are, and even have someone to check on you.

8. Sending the wrong email to the wrong person

Although this does not happen very often, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of emails and sometimes usernames can be inconveniently similar. One potential mistake that can happen is sending a person whom you have already established with some type of e-relationship, an initial/flirt email, that was meant to someone else. This may make the prospect feel, like you are playing the field (most likely your are — since that’s what you are there for), and discontinue your relationship. Misdirected email is more common than you think and irreversible, so watch out!

9. Not asking for more information

Internet dating is an excellent tool for gathering information about a prospect and finding out if you have any commonalities. Not asking for informations, pictures, videos, or anything that might make the first date less awkward, makes it just another blind date.

10. Being negative and jumping from one prospect to another to quickly

The right positive attitude in an important thing whenever you embark on a new venture. Dating is not an exception. Not having the right mind set can be very damaging to your online dating experience. With a never ending supply of fresh prospects, you should have a positive mind set, that one of them is the right one. However, this can be a two edged sword, since with so many prospects, you may feel that you can always do better and not spend enough time with a potential prospect to find out if they may be right for you. A way to potentially avoid this problem is to think positively and have a vivid clear idea or what you are looking for in a mate.

Internet dating can be a fast, productive and relatively painless way to meet other singles. With theoretically limitless number of fresh prospects, Jewish online dating offers Jewish singles what no other dating methods had offered before. However, like in all new ventures you embark in life, there is a learning curve until your get the hang of it; learn from other people’s experiences and avoid their mistakes for better, more productive online dating results.