10 things you can do to find your Jewish Match Now!

10 things you can do to find your Jewish Match Now!

Join a Jewish Dating site like mazaldate.com - Shameless self promotion? perhaps, However, here are the facts: Over 4 million Americans are using the internet to find a date. According to research, every other American knows someone who physically dates a person whom he/she met online and third American know more than one. Online dating is not just popular it’s effective. Jewish dating sites are the best way to find other Jewish singles, especially if you are in an area with lower concentration of the Jewish population. Areas with smaller Jewish population naturally have smaller congregations, fewer Jewish singles events and in general less opportunities to meet Jewish singles. So, sign up for a Jewish dating site today. Most sites will let you post your profile for free.

Join a Generic Dating site: If you are looking for a Jewish match, your best option is to go to a website specialized for Jewish singles. However, you can also join a generic dating site. Most sites allow you to search by religion. Naturally, singles who are going to a generic type dating site, may be less concerned about the religious aspect, nevertheless, it may be useful.

Check out your local Jewish Congregation Website: Most Jewish congregations today have a website that contains a wealth of information. Some have information about Jewish singles event and some even organize their own Jewish Singles event. In most cases, you may attend the events even though you are not a member, usually for a fee higher than a member fee. Also some big Jewish congregations have a twitter and a Facebook pages. It may be useful to follow their tweets and add yourself as a fan on their Facebook page, for no cost you will get invaluable information that will enrich your Jewish cultural life and may help you to find your Jewish soulmate quicker.

Attend Jewish Singles events: Jewish singles events are organized by several organizations such as the Jewish federation, different Jewish congregations, major Jewish dating sites, private companies that organize parties and speed dating events and sometimes even individuals. The best way to find these events is to go to websites like: meetup.com, tribester.com, planitjewish.com, The Jewish federation, the different congregation websites in your area, or just to use your favorite search engine, you will be amazed how much information you will find.

Find Volunteering opportunities through your Jewish congregation or other Jewish non-profit organizations: It may not be a direct way to meet Jewish singles. However, volunteering is a very rewarding opportunity to meet like minded people and to give back to the community. It can also be a bonding experience with other volunteers. Granted, the volunteers might not all be singles and the age range can vary, but it can be a way to get a little exposure and recognition within the Jewish community.

Try some local Jewish Matchmaker services: Not a first choice for many people, as the personal service can turn too personal, no to say ‘pushy’. Certainly these yentas still exist and they probably know the most eligible Jewish singles in your area. This is certainly an option, however, proceed with caution. Make sure that you are using someone professional, who knows the business and protects your privacy.

Join Jewish groups with common interest or take classes/seminars about Jewish subjects: Jewish groups, classes and seminars are widely available all over the United States. Examples would be: Jewish hiking groups, Jewish book clubs, Jewish cooking classes, seminars about Jewish subjects etc. A good way to find those group are through the JCC (Jewish community center) or find the Jewish federation website in your area.

Join Jewish Networking groups: Although not a direct way to meet Jewish singles, a very effective way to get connected with Jewish professionals who may be helpful in this area as well, after they get to know you better. There are Jewish professional groups almost for every occupation: Jewish Lawyers, Jewish doctors, Jewish Entrepreneurs etc.

Subscribe to Jewish bulletins in your area or Jewish magazines: This is a great way to keep informed about the Jewish community in general, and the Jewish community in your area. There are literally hundreds of local Jewish bulletins based on your geographic area, you can subscribe to most of them for free.

Be patient and keep a positive attitude.