10 ways to enhance Jewish online dating success

10 ways to enhance Jewish online dating success

Here are ten key elements to follow for a better, more productive experience.

Key Element #1 : Positive attitude

Sounds like a no brainer, Right? and yet I meet so many people who just don’t have enough faith in the process. Why? I am not sure. Internet dating is probably the best, most productive and fun way to meet people. Give it a fair chance and accompany it with a fresh positive perspective. If you are not a computer person, don’t worry. Most internet dating sites (and certainly mazaldate.com) are user friendly and extremely easy to use.

Key Element #2: Beginning slow and gaining momentum

Like any new experience, Jewish online dating can be overwhelming. Make sure you take it slowly, that way you will not run our of steam so quickly.

Key Element #3: Avoiding discussions of your previous relationship woes

When you talk about past troubles, you come across as a negative person. In addition, your prospect may think that you are no over your past relationship and perhaps not ready to start a new one. Make sure you save this type of discussions for a later, more advances stage of your relationship.

Key Element #4: Writing an essay that reflects you

A lot of people dread that part of writing an essay. However, serious dater actually read this, and not only, what you say in your essay it amplified greatly, since that’s the only piece of information they have got on you. Make it work, take advantage of it, and make it be a reflection of who you are. Creating a fake image through your essay will greatly disappoint your prospect, once he/she gets to meet you. Don’t let anyone write the essay for you, unless you also want to send them on your dates.

Key Element #5: Remembering that the number of Psychos on the internet reflect real life

The internet is a microcosm of society, no a separate branch. Most horror stories about Jewish online dating are media hype looking for something juicy to fill the space between the ads. The fact is that the power of anonymity unique to online dating, gives one an increased security over face to face dating.

Key Element #6: Not taking each internet contact to seriously

Not everybody adhere to the same etiquette and rules in online dating . If you find that someone was offensive, disrespectful or plainly not very nice. Or if you find it hard to get rejected. Remember not to take every contact so seriously and don’t let this feeling spoil your experience. There will always be another one. After all this is an online dating service.

Key Element #7: Resting from time to time

It is alway good to take a few breaks from online dating, and come back with a fresh new perspective. Having so many people to choose from, and sometimes so many unsuccessful contacts, can be discouraging , and overwhelming. Take a break every now and then. Let other people approach you, build your pipe-line and resume your efforts.

Key Element #8: Reconsidering your non-negotiable criteria

Internet Jewish dating is very unique in that sense that it allows you to find people based on criteria such as eye color, hair color, height, weight, income etc. If you find that in this pool of people that you choose, you can’t find your perfect match, it may be time to re-consider your "must have" list.

Key Element #9: Posting a photo immediately

Most daters do not respond to profiles without a picture. Don’t let opportunities pass you by, if you are serious about Jewish online dating, post a picture immediately.

Key Element #10: Knowing when to let go to a process and move to the next one

When you discover an piece of information about a potential match, that makes you feel like the prospect is an inappropriate match, don’t waste your time. Trust your instinct and let go. Having said that, we highly recommend that you visit your "non-negotiable" criteria and make sure that your decision process is not too rigid and you actually gave a fair chance to the prospect.

Internet dating is one of the most, productive, secure and fun way to meet singles today. Make user that you utilize your subscription and your experience to its limits. keep a positive attitude, Begin slowly, take a break every now an then, don’t take every prospect to seriously, make sure you gave a fair chance to suitable prospect, but also know when to let go, and don’t forget to have fun.