Don't let Others Affect Whom You Date

Jewish Dating Main Advice

Don't let what others think get in the way of your dating preferences. If you like someone and want to be with them then go for it. As long as they are nice and want to be with you that's all that matters.

Too many times we let ourfamily or friends persuade us from asking someone out, because they feel the person is not right for us. Often it's not that the person is not right for us, but them.

Men, you may want to ask a woman out whose family is not highly thought of, but don't. Women, you may get asked out by a man who doesn't have the social status of your family or friends and turn him down. In both cases you may like the person, but decide it's too much trouble defending the relationship to your peers.

Don't do this. The world is full of people who are single and unhappy, because the person whom they want to be with doesn't meet the standards of their peers. And the world is full of people who are unhappy, because they are in a relationship with someone whom their peers approve of.

If you are from Jew New York and want to date a Jew from Jerusalem do it. If you are a sophisticate and want to date someone who is blue collar do it. If you want to date someone older or younger then do it. If you want to date someone of a different race then do it. If you find someone whom you think is attractive and want to ask them out then ask.

As long as you have something in common, are nice to each other and care for one another this is all that matters.

Let others worry about themselves. You take care of you and the one you want to be with.

It's your happiness that's at stake.