Flirting Body Language: Art of non-verbal communication

Flirting Body Language: Art of non-verbal communication

Body language is the way of sending signals to the other person by the way you walk, talk, and project your energy. Body language is all about your presense,i.e. the EFFECT you are making on other person's mind.

Women are attracted to the man who knows what he wants and is confident with himself, who oozes confidence from every inch of his skin and follows through with action.

Elements of body language:

1. Posture
2. Smile
3. Eye contact
4. Facial Expressions
5. Your way of doing different things

Voice Tonality also plays a key role in your success with women. It doesn't matter what you are saying, but what REALLY matters is how you are saying it. You can talk about the boring thing that would bore her and can still get an incredible response… because of the WAY you say it and the way you NONVERBALLY communicate your sexual attractness.
GOLDEN RULE: Speak slowly, surely and more deeply. All women love a very slow, deep speaking voice. Women find this to be very sexy and very attractive.

Getting started to get your body language perfect

Tips from the Top

Imitate the top performers in every field. They'll teach you how to be a success in your field. Let me explain this to you with an example.

Entertainer Dick Cavett had a little trick when he was starting out to show business. Just before he was about to go onstage, he'd look in a mirror and pretend he was Bob Hope. He'd imitate Hope's air of confidence, the way he carried himself, so that some of that self-assurance would rub off on him.

You can do that in your field. Pick out people who are really good and try to imitate them.

GOLDEN RULE: Always act the way as your hero will act in that particular situation.

Body Language Basics

Keep your body open. That means keeping your arms down by your sides, not crossed over your body as a buffer. Before he took some pointers from Glass, Tim Cowgill, 46, was shutting people out by his body's signals. "I would close my arms across my front", he says, "and back myself up against a wall." And 41-year-old Deborah Garrett says she wasn't getting close to people, either — figuratively or literally. "I kept my distance, clutching a glass to keep something between me and others."

Reflect self-confidence. A poised presentation invites others to treat you with respect. Stand up straight, but not to the point of looking stiff. When sitting, keep a straight back to avoid a sloppy slouch. And when walking, move self-confidently at a steady pace — not too fast or too slow — with your arms swinging freely at your sides.
Consider "respectful" touching. An appropriate, gracious touch — on the arm, for example — is unlikely to offend, but can serve as a friendly, bonding gesture.

Relax your face. Your face is responsible for about 75 percent of nonverbal communication, according to Glass. A furrowed forehead, for example, might be construed as critical. For a positive look that doesn't intimidate, release the tension in your forehead, while also relaxing the muscles around your eyes, mouth and nose. And smile — a genuine smile — with some teeth showing.

Make consistent eye contact. To make a connection, look at a person's face while you're engaged in conversation, instead of glancing around as if looking for alternative entertainment. In other words, show that you're interested.

Don't be shy. "Shy people are selfish people", according to Glass. "It's not all about you. Focus more on being interested — not interesting— and your mind-set will move away from how awkward you might be feeling." DONT GET self-conscious. Remember, self-consciousness is opposite of self-confidence.