Jewish Matchmaking and Dating - How to Attract the Right Person

Jewish Matchmaking and Dating - How to Attract the Right Person

How to Attract the Right Person Through Jewish Online Dating Services

The key to successful online dating is an interesting profile. If there is anything of vital importance in online dating – this is it. I’ve found my beshert through Jewish online dating services, but before this happened I rejected many potential dates based only on my first impression of their profiles. If you would like to know what to do not to get ignored, overlooked or rejected – read on.

Remember, that in other people’s perception, your profile reflects who you are. If your profile appears brief, untidy and dull this is what your potential date will think of you. Creating an attractive profile takes time and is a hard work, indeed; but it’s also a necessary and a very valuable investment.

Post a clear, recent picture of yourself that shows you off at your best. This is extremely important – most people completely ignore profiles without pictures. Don’t think that, since you are not attractive in an obvious way, it’s better that you don’t post your picture. I assure you that there is someone out there who will like the look of you. Make sure that the picture shows you in a good humor, though.

Never, ever lie about anything.

Not about your past, not about your marital status, not about your job, not about your age. The purpose of dating is to build a trusting and loving relationship. It’s not so difficult to find a wonderful person through Jewish online dating services. Now, imagine you’ve met an attractive, honest and trustworthy person online. Think what such person would do once they find out they’ve been lied to. Even if you lied about a seemingly insignificant thing, I assure you, they will loose interest in you and move on quicker than you can say "sorry".

Show off your personality.

Make your profile stand out by making it as unique as your own character. Mention the things that make you different – your hobbies, your passions, and hopes for the future.

Be honest.

If you date for a long-term relationship and marriage – say it clearly. This way you will seriously limit the number of people who are just looking for a casual relationship.

Create an interesting headline.

In my opinion an interesting question almost guarantees a click. In my profile I wrote: "If you could have one wish granted, what would you wish for?" Within one week I received around 200 emails and about half of them said either "I would wish for you" or "I’d wish for a date with you". For obvious reasons (oozing desperation) I dismissed all authors of such answers. You’d be surprised how much an answer to such simple question can say about a person.

Be patient.

You will come across shallow, tiresome and dishonest people. Just like you do in everyday life. Don’t get discouraged easily. There are plenty of people there, who just like you, are looking for something special. And remember, there are thousands of other’s who have already found their soul mate through Jewish online dating services.

Keep your profile updated.

The search engines "prefer" profiles, which are regularly updated and as a result list them on top of the other profiles in search results.