Jewish Dating with a Smile

Jewish Dating with a Smile

Dating with a Smile: 10 things about Jewish men

What do men want? Hmm, tough question - especially when it comes to Jewish dating. We did a little survey among users of our site - and their answers made us think, wonder, sigh and… smile.

Let's start with the obvious.

1. Jewish man likes to eat well.

Yes, that case where the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. No small portions or quick meals! A three-course lunch is fine, especially if you lovingly prepare it yourself.

2. We pay attention to appearance, but we value comfort.

It's a standard misconception that men like these dolls: super-groomed, in heels and full makeup. Relax and stop fussing in front of the mirror - if we really like a girl, we do not care what she is wearing. Comfortable sneakers and a hooded sweatshirt are fine with us - as long as you feel comfortable around us.

3. Jewish men love order.

For some reason we don't understand, the words "man" and "mess" have long been synonymous. That is absolutely not true! We may not alphabetize our music CDs or color our clothes, but we still love and appreciate a clean and orderly home.

4. We don't like to argue about anything.

There are people who are genetically predisposed to all sorts of confrontations. Well, that's certainly not us! The ideal woman of a Jewish man will not argue about anything and will not challenge him at every turn, but rather the opposite: she will do her best to create a comfortable environment in her family, just as he does.

5. Does every man have to be macho? Not necessarily at all!

Surprise: men can be afraid, too. Of what? Anything: heights, insects, relationship problems, or ski jumping. And if you instead of us bravely swat that big spider in the corner, we'll be wildly grateful and strenuously think about marriage proposals.

6. We also know how to feel.

And we can sometimes shed a tear while watching a melodrama or at the wedding of our best friend. We, of course, know all about gender roles - but for all our external strength and masculinity can also be soft, sensitive and sentimental. And we're sure that will be appreciated today.

7. Sometimes we look at other women.

Just looking, no more than that! At a party, in a store or a meeting with colleagues, we may sometimes look at another woman. But only in passing - just to make sure once again how lucky we are, because she is not as attractive as you. It's just that from time to time we check that she is.

8. Jewish men love gifts.

Yes, it's not just women who have this weakness. We, too, love it when you spoil us with gifts, from a box of your favorite chocolates to a brand new motorcycle. Yes, yes, the very one we've been dreaming about for four years now.

9. We don't like to do physical labor.

Nailing down a shelf, fixing a faucet, assembling an Ikea cabinet… Actually, the Jewish man doesn't like to do housework, so any expectation that the shelf will still be nailed down can lead you to disappointment.

It's best to forget about it altogether: you can't fight evolution. Just remember: the Jewish man is not disposed to physical labor on a cellular level!

Besides, we are always thinking of our neighbor. Mowing the lawn? Why, when there are perfectly decent non-Jews in our neighborhood who are desperate for a living?

10. But we love to make money.

Including to attract the right Jewish woman to be our wife.

Note: all of the above is not a direct guide to action. And a woman planning to marry a Jew should consult with her mother first.

Enjoy your Jewish dating with!