Tips & Advice On Placing Your Personal Ads

Tips & Advice On Placing Your Personal Ads

How To Attract Your Dream Mate

Most often, people don't take enough care and attention when constructing a Profile to attract their dream mate or even get close. Often they attract people who are just wrong for them, and once you get on this road, it's very easy to conclude that online dating doesn't work, so you give up. Sometimes they don't attract any response at all! However, if you take a bit of time constructing a good Profile, you can immediately reduce the number of irrelevant contacts, giving you more time to concentrate on following up those more interesting propositions.

Tell People About Yourself

Your Profile is your advertisement to the world. It should tell the world who you are. Telling interested readers a little about who you are, in order to persuade them to contact you. Two people will be more likely to get on well and develop a relationship if they share the same core values and beliefs. If you have fundamental differences in deep-seated values and beliefs, then it wont work. When you do finally make contact with someone you'd like to meet, they're going to find out what you've not been telling them anyway.

Three attributes that most people look for in a mate are a sense of humour, integrity and self-confidence, so if you can work these into your profile, do so.

The Headline Of Your Profile Is Your First (and only) Chance To Impress

The first thing someone will notice is your profile headline. If it doesn't immediately strike a cord in the reader, they will probably not read the rest of your profile.

First Paragraph Of Your Ad

Once you've got their attention, the next thing to write is the first paragraph, about you. Don't repeat facts such as age, height etc., if the profile screen which people can view, already shows those. Use the space to show more of your character.

Let them know what your likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, turn on's, turn offs, and any other important information about yourself. By doing this you are 'weeding' out the people who are not well suited for you so be specific.

If you have certain needs let them know this up front. It's best not to be vague about what you want. Let people know of the types that you don't want a response from or either you will end up ignoring many peoples contact emails who respond to you or you will have people responding to you whom you have no interest in.

Second Paragraph Of Your Ad

The second paragraph should be more about the kind of person you'd like to contact. Again you want some of the important value characteristics in here, along with features. Now you can specify height, age range etc. if it's important to you. It's best to be up front about the type of person you are looking for and your general interests in a possible match.

Last Sentence

Finally the last sentence should be an inviting sign off, which encourages them to contact you providing they fit your description. This is important. Although this is a numbers game, implying the more contacts the better your chances, you don't want to waste time with people who obviously don't fit the characteristics you looking for. Remember, it's not about quantity; it's about finding people who are genuinely attracted to you as an individual.

Be Truthful

It's important to be truthful when giving details in your ad. If you are over weight or have a disability please let people know what you are like up front and you will have a better chance of finding your possible match

It is a very BIG world out there and you will find many people who are interested in you for who you are and not what they think you are. You would have to level with any potential match sooner or later and it would be awkward latter to say you did not tell the truth plus the fact you would most likely alienate this person anyhow.

Keep Your Ad Light And Fun!

Show your sense of humour in your ad instead of saying you have a good sense of humour. Statistics show people get better response if their ads are fun, and witty. Don't be what you are not so if you are a serious type of person you may want to come across just that way. It's up to you. All we are saying is have fun with it.

Your Photo

Most people would rather look at someone's photo before making contact than play Russian roulette. Therefore, be sure to place one (or rather several) high-quality photos in your profile.