My name is Liya, and I'm a 64-year-old woman from Rishon LeZion, Israel. I'm an Aquarius, and it's great to meet you!

Let's dive into what I'm looking for in a relationship. I'm searching for a man between the ages of 55 and 68. I'm open to virtual connections, friendship, romantic encounters, long-term relationships, and even marriage. I'm divorced, and my children live separately from me.

Now, let's get to know me a little better. At 64 years old, I stand at 164 cm (5 feet 5 inches) tall and weigh 67 kg (148 pounds). I don't practice any particular religious beliefs, but I come from a Jewish background. I can speak Hebrew, Russian, English, Ukrainian, and Yiddish.

In terms of appearance, I have lovely blond hair and deep black eyes. I have an average body build that keeps me active. Education-wise, I have a second degree, and I currently work. My income level is in the middle range.

I'm currently renting an apartment, and I have my own means of transportation. I'm not a heavy smoker, and I rarely indulge in alcohol, usually only in the company of others or at parties.

Let me tell you a little something unique about myself - there's no one quite like me. I have a genuine passion for traveling, music, theater, and books. These interests bring me immense joy and fulfillment.

I'm looking for a partner who can share in these experiences, someone who appreciates the beauty of exploring new places, enjoys the magic of music, appreciates the power of theater, and finds solace in the pages of a good book.

If you're someone who can connect with my passions and wants to embark on a journey of companionship and shared interests, then I would love to hear from you. Let's build something meaningful and enjoy life's adventures together.

So, if you're out there and you feel a connection, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm excited to meet someone special who can join me on this incredible journey of life. Let's create lasting memories and make every moment count.