Shalom, fellow seekers of love and companionship in the vast Jewish dating service! My name is Tatyana, and I call the beautiful city of Tel Aviv in Israel my home. It's with an open heart that I embark on this journey, hoping to find my other half, my bashert. 

As I delve into the exciting world of Jewish online dating, I'm on the lookout for a special someone, a kindred spirit, a man aged between 64 and 70, who shares my aspirations for enduring relationships and the sanctity of marriage. Let's create a love story that's written in the stars. 

Allow me to introduce myself further. I am a divorced woman, and although I have children, they have flown the nest and live independently. My zodiac sign is Leo, a symbol of strength and warmth. 

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 143 pounds, I would describe myself as having a sporty physique. My hair is a beautiful shade of blonde, complementing my striking gray eyes. In matters of faith, I belong to the Orthodox tradition, finding solace and wisdom in its teachings. 

I am fluent in both Russian and English, which allows me to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. It's the language of the heart that truly matters, isn't it? My professional life keeps me engaged, providing a sense of purpose. I fall into the middle-income category, allowing me to enjoy life comfortably. 

My home is a sanctuary, a place where I find peace and happiness. Public transportation is my preferred mode of travel, offering a window into the vibrant tapestry of Tel Aviv's streets. 

When it comes to personal habits, I don't smoke, and if I do indulge in alcohol, it's always in good company or during festive gatherings. Life is meant to be celebrated with loved ones, after all. 

Now, let me share a little more about the essence of who I am. Beyond the numbers and labels, I am a woman who believes in the power of love. I'm ready to love and be loved in return, to cherish each moment with someone special. 

My interests and passions are diverse, much like the symphony of life itself. I have a love for all things eclectic, be it the arts, culture, or nature. My interests span a wide spectrum, ensuring that there's always something fascinating to explore. 

As I step into this dating community, my heart yearns for a partner who is tired of solitude, someone who seeks the warmth and companionship of a genuine relationship. Let's be two souls who find solace in each other's company, two hearts that beat in harmony. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. Here's to the promise of new beginnings, shared laughter, and the possibility of writing a beautiful love story together. ברוך הבא (Welcome) to this adventure!