I'm Lana, a 59-year-old woman from Tel Aviv, Israel. I'm here on this Jewish Jewish Dating Site with hopes of meeting a genuine and trustworthy man for a serious and meaningful relationship.

I'm looking for a man between the ages of 49 and 59 who shares my desire for friendship, long-term commitment, marriage, and potentially building a family together. Currently, I'm not married, and although I have children, they live separately.

Let me share a bit more about myself. I'm 59 years old and my zodiac sign is Taurus. In terms of physical appearance, I stand at 5 feet 4 inches tall (162 cm) and weigh 128 pounds (58 kg). I have a regular body build, with chestnut-colored hair and captivating green eyes.

When it comes to languages, I'm fluent in Russian and English. Being able to communicate effectively and connect on a deeper level is important to me.

Professionally, I'm employed in public service, and I have my own place, a cozy apartment that I call home. I lead a simple and fulfilling life. I don't smoke, and I only enjoy a drink in the company of others or at special social occasions.

Now, let's talk about what I'm looking for in a partner. I hope to meet a reliable and honorable man who values honesty and integrity. I believe in nurturing a tender and kind-hearted connection. Together, we can explore life's joys and challenges, supporting and caring for each other along the way.

If you're a genuine and trustworthy man seeking a meaningful relationship, I would be thrilled to get to know you better. Let's create beautiful moments together and build a future based on trust, respect, and love.