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#27875. Jewish Singles Israel, Ashdod: Iren, 49

49 years old, Israel, Ashdod
Last seen 05-09-2021


Dating Info

I'm looking for     man
Partner age preferences:     46 - 55
Relationship Type    Long Term Relationship
Marital Status:    Divorced
Kids:     Have kids that don't live with me

Personal Info
My Age    49 years old   
My Height          156 cm (5'1'')
My Weight            60kg (27.2lb)
Languages:    Hebrew
Body Shape:     Curvy
Level Of Education    Some College
Employment / Occupation:     Working
Occupation Field:    Different occupation
Smoking Habits:     Smoke regularly
Psychological Portrait
The most important qualities in a partner for me are:Kindness,
Ability to laugh,
For me, the most important thing in a partnership is:Mutual understanding
I categorically dislike the people around me:Pedantry,
My preferences / favorite free time activities:Traveling around the world,
Time with friends,
Enjoy the music,
Going to the cinema, to an exhibition, to a theater, a museum
My favorite styles of music are:Jazz,
Electronic Music,
Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae
The best evening for me is:Make a delicious dinner,
Go to a good restaurant,
Lie on the couch and watch TV,
Go to the movies together,
Set the table and invite guests or go to visit
For me, the ideal date is:Dinner in a cool restaurant,
Go to the cinema together
In a situation of conflict with a partner, I:I express everything that has boiled,
I am trying to find a compromise
How important is the relationship with the parents of my chosen one / my chosen one for me:It's important, because helping our parents is our responsibility,
Seeing your parents often is so great!
The main problem in the pair, in my opinion, is:If one is in a pair all the time to shift the solution of all issues to the other.,
When one of the partners keeps forgetting about important dates and significant events in the life of your family.,
When a partner lives his own life, not considering the interests of the partner.
For me, the ideal relationship is a couple:When they completely accept each other in everything,
If they always solve all problems together,
When there is sincerity and care for each other in a relationship

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