Hey there, everyone! My name is Marina, and I'm 36 years old from Yekaterinburg, Russia. As a Scorpio, I'm on the hunt for my other half. Where are you? Come find me!

Let's talk about what I'm looking for in a partner. I'm seeking a man between the ages of 33 and 52 who is ready for marriage, wants to build a family, and is open to having children. Currently, I'm divorced, and although I don't have any kids yet, I would love to have them in the future.

Now, let's dive into some personal details. As mentioned, I'm 36 years young and stand at 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) tall. I'm fluent in Russian, and my education level is a bachelor's degree. I work in the field of politics, and I'm involved in various projects related to business. In terms of my personality, I consider myself a secular person with a leaning towards Gnosticism. I value creating a comfortable environment where peace and understanding thrive. I enjoy indulging in delicious creations in the kitchen from time to time and am not too fussy about tidiness. When it comes to leisure, I appreciate different ways of unwinding—whether it's curling up at home under a warm blanket by the fireplace or attending social events, depending on my mood. I also have a passion for traveling, and one of my dreams is to own a motor yacht. In a nutshell, I'm a calm and somewhat modest person, but I know what I want. I often come up with interesting ideas that many people enjoy, and I wholeheartedly engage in their realization. I derive great pleasure from bringing joy to others. I firmly believe that every person deserves happiness, and it's within their power and their perspective on various matters. I strive to be that kind of person myself.

As for my connection to Judaism, it started as a hobby for me. I've been studying ancient religions for quite some time, and more than five years ago, I encountered Judaism on Starse and realized it's an incredible religion, especially considering it runs in my blood. Now, I make periodic efforts to observe certain aspects of it. Since I grew up in a rather atheistic family, it's challenging for me to do it on my own. However, with a husband, I believe there will be more opportunities to explore this further.

In a partner, I'm seeking a secular man who is also interested in Judaism and willing to gradually incorporate its practices. Ideally, my husband would either be an entrepreneur, a politician, or even a Kabbalist (if they seriously delve into it, we'll have common ground to explore). I'm looking for reliability, support, and a sense of certainty about the future. I'm more inclined towards traditional values, where the husband provides and protects the family while the wife creates a cozy home environment and nurtures the family hearth. However, it's perfectly fine and even encouraged when a woman develops her own interests, and the man pursues his, as it contributes to mutual growth. In terms of character, I'm looking for a man with a good sense of humor, the ability to handle conflicts calmly, and sincerity. He should know how to love, shower with gifts, pleasantly surprise, and simply bring joy.

If you resonate with these qualities and envision a harmonious partnership, I would be thrilled to meet you. Let's embark on this journey together, supporting and delighting in one another every step of the way.