Hey there, I'm Tal from Ashdod, Israel. Now, before you take my words too seriously, let me have some fun and play around with this presentation!

Here's the deal: I'm a quirky, mysterious character looking for my equally eccentric partner-in-crime. Imagine a mischievous wizard on a journey to find a wicked witch who matches my wild spirit – a match made in the enchanted realm of non-seriousness!

I'll admit, I might have listed some undesirable traits in the introduction, but that's just part of my magical charm. In reality, I'm far from being wicked or joyless. In fact, I love to spread smiles and laughter wherever I go!

I'm seeking a captivating woman between the ages of 28 and 37. Together, we'll embark on an enchanting adventure, creating everlasting memories. My heart is open to long-lasting connections, marriage, and the possibility of starting a magical family of our own.

While I might not be a traditional knight in shining armor, I'm a Streltsy Sagittarius, standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and weighing 165 pounds (75 kg). My mystical mastery of languages includes Hebrew, Russian, and even the enchanting English. My education might be a bit unconventional, but I've dabbled in the mystical arts of the Information Technology realm.

You might think I'd brew potions and cast spells all day, but my career in the IT field keeps me on my toes. And don't worry, my mystical abode is free from smoke and sparks, as I don't indulge in the magical allure of smoking.

Now, picture this: we'll enjoy enchanted evenings, reveling in the company of friends at mystical masquerades and captivating gatherings. While I might not be the life of every party, I'll gladly join in the merriment, raising a glass to celebrate the magic of life.

As we stroll through the mystical gardens of our imaginations, I hope to find a partner who shares my love for non-serious pursuits and the wonders of fantasy. Let's weave our dreams together and create a magical tapestry of love and laughter!

So, if you're a charming enchantress with a heart full of laughter and mischief, let's get this magical journey started on this Jewish Jewish Dating Site! Embrace the fantasy and let's discover the enchantment of love together!