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Jewish Online Dating Russia, Moscow: Yuliya, 41

Yuliya,  41 years old Russia, Moscow,   interested in dating with  man
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Dating Info

I'm looking for     man
Partner age preferences:     34 - 48
Relationship Type    Friend/Activity Partner
Long Term Relationship
Marriage & Kids
Marital Status:    Divorced
Kids:     Have kids and they live with me

Personal Info
My Age    41 years old   
My Height          178 cm (5'10'')
Languages:    Russian
Hair Color:     Brown
Eyes Color:     Green
Employment / Occupation:     Working
Residence    I live in my own apartment / house
Mobility    Use private vehicle
Smoking Habits:     Non-smoker
Drinking Habits:     Drink socially
Psychological Portrait
The most important qualities in a partner for me are:Devotion,
Ability to laugh,
High intelligence and education,
For me, the most important thing in a partnership is:Mutual understanding,
Common interests,
Decency and respect for each other
I categorically dislike the people around me:Frivolity,
My preferences / favorite free time activities:Nature walks,
Traveling around the world,
Reading good literature,
Enjoy the music,
Household chores,
Going to the cinema, to an exhibition, to a theater, a museum
My favorite styles of music are:Classical music,
Latin American music,
For me, the ideal relationship is a couple:When partners are also good friends,
If they always solve all problems together,
When there is sincerity and care for each other in a relationship
Being honest with your partner is:Talk about problems, but choose words, time and place,
Be yourself - and respect your partner's right to be yourself
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