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#34496 Jewish Match Dating Israel, Rishon LeZion: זאב אליאס, 56

זאב אליאס · 56 · Israel, Rishon LeZion ·

Dating Info

I'm looking for     woman
Partner age preferences:     50 - 60
Relationship Type    Friend/Activity Partner
Marital Status:    Divorced
Kids:     Have kids that don't live with me

Personal Info
My Age    56    
My Height          5'9''/176cm
My Weight            176 lb (80 kg)
Nationality / Religion    Culturally Jewish
Ethnicity     Mixed Ethnic
Languages:    Hebrew
Body Type:     Athletic/Fit
Hair Color:     Black
Eyes Color:     Black
Level Of Education    Different
Employment / Occupation:     Other
Occupation Field:    Transportation and logistics
Income level    I have a high income
Residence    I live in my own apartment / house
Vehicle Ownership    Use public transport
Smoking Habits:     Non-smoker
Drinking Habits:     Never drink
About myself: בחור ביתי
My interests and hobbies : ספורט. מוסיקה.
Things I want in a partner:ביתית
Psychological Portrait
The most important qualities in a partner for me are:Devotion,
Wide soul
For me, the most important thing in a partnership is:Balance and harmony,
Mutual understanding,
Decency and respect for each other
I categorically dislike the people around me:Anger,
I would choose the following countries for life: Israel
Countries I would never choose to live in: Israel
My preferences / favorite free time activities:Nature walks,
Enjoy the music,
Household chores,
Fitness, sports
I prefer sports:Running,
Brisk walking,
My favorite styles of music are:Folk music,
Latin American music,
The best evening for me is:Make a delicious dinner,
Go to a good restaurant,
Lie on the couch and watch TV,
Go to the movies together,
Get some fresh air
For me, the ideal date is:Dinner in a cool restaurant,
Walk along the promenade by the sea, relax on the beach,
Relax in a luxury hotel,
Go to the cinema together,
Sex - what could be better?
In a situation of conflict with a partner, I:I am trying to understand a loved one,
I am trying to find a compromise,
I do not quarrel with my partner at all
I will prefer the following gift from a loved one:I can do without a gift - the main thing is that my loved one is near
How important is the relationship with the parents of my chosen one / my chosen one for me:Of course it is important - we are one friendly family!
The main problem in the pair, in my opinion, is:When a partner lives his own life, not considering the interests of the partner.,
If one person in a pair does not have the opportunity to choose and make independent decisions.,
If one of the partners is not sure of himself and is always looking for support in the other.
For me, the ideal relationship is a couple:When partners are also good friends,
If they always solve all problems together,
When there is sincerity and care for each other in a relationship
For me, personal space in a pair is:The time you spend every day all alone
Being honest with your partner is:Always and everywhere express to your partner what you think of him,
Talk about problems, but choose words, time and place,
Be yourself - and respect your partner's right to be yourself

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