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Online Jewish Dating Bulgaria: Darien Shields, 48

Darien Shields,  48 years old Bulgaria  interested in dating with  woman
Last seen 15-08-2021

Dating Info

I'm looking for     woman
Relationship Type    Virtual Dating
Marital Status:    Never married
Kids:     No kids

Personal Info
My Age    48 years old   
My Height          161 cm (5'3'')
My Weight            91kg (41.3lb)
Nationality / Religion    Culturally Jewish
Ethnicity     Sephardic Ethnic
Languages:    English
Body Shape:     Slim/Slender
Hair Color:     Black
Eyes Color:     Gray
Level Of Education    High School
Employment / Occupation:     I'm studying
Occupation Field:    Architecture, construction and building
Income level    I have a high income
Residence    I live in my own apartment / house
Mobility    Use private vehicle
Smoking Habits:     Non-smoker
Drinking Habits:     Drink socially

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