Hey there, lovely souls on this Jewish Jewish Dating Site! I'm Susanna, and I call the vibrant city of Los Angeles in the USA my home.

Looking for a Genuine Connection I'm here with the hope of meeting a wonderful man, aged between 44 and 54, who can become my best friend first and foremost. I envision someone who fits seamlessly into my life and vice versa.

A Bit About Me As an unmarried Jewish woman without children, I'm open to the excitement of love and companionship.

Astrological Insights Being a Virgo, I value organization and attention to detail, which I believe adds a touch of practicality to my character.

Personal Details Standing at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall, I embrace my European heritage and the values that come with it.

Languages and Cultural Heritage As a multilingual individual, I speak Russian and English fluently, connecting with different cultures and embracing diversity.

Living and Moving I currently rent an apartment in Los Angeles and have the convenience of my own vehicle for getting around.

Habits and Values I'm a constant smoker and indulge occasionally in the company of friends when it comes to alcohol.

About Me I'm seeking a Jewish man already living in America, between 44 and 54, who can be my kindred spirit and my confidant. Shared interests in literature, poetry, creativity, humor, irony, and more are important to me. It's crucial for us to be on the same wavelength spiritually, intellectually, and even politically (especially in these times). Having a healthy self-awareness and avoiding an inflated ego is also essential. Please, keep the conversation respectful and sincere, and let's skip any presumptuous judgments. We're all subjective beings, and it's impossible to please everyone. After all, only kittens and dollars are universally adored. What we can offer each other is something we'll discover through personal conversations.

Interests and Passions Albert Einstein once said, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." I find inspiration in these words, appreciating the wonders of life.

In Conclusion As we embark on this journey of finding love and connection, let's cherish our Jewish heritage and the values that make us who we are. I'm eager to meet that special someone who resonates with my heart and soul, as we explore the magic of life together.

If you feel that our paths may align, let's start our conversation and see where it leads. I'm excited to connect with you, and together, we'll discover the miracles that life has in store for us!