Shalom! My name is Svetlana, and I'm reaching out from the enchanting city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Don't hesitate to ask any questions – I'll be sure to respond to each one with an open heart. 

In this vibrant Jewish dating service, I'm on the lookout for a special connection with a man. Someone between the ages of 44 and 51, who shares my yearning for virtual companionship, friendship, romantic encounters, enduring relationships, and perhaps even the sacred bond of marriage. 

Let me offer a glimpse into who I am. I stand tall at 5 feet 6 inches, or 167 centimeters if we're speaking in metric terms. I embrace a diverse heritage, reflecting a mosaic of ethnic influences. My hair, a fiery shade of red, perfectly complements my captivating green eyes. The ordinary build of my physique is balanced by an extraordinary spirit within. 

While I'm not currently bound by marriage, I do have children who have embarked on their own independent journeys. Born under the sign of Pisces, I carry with me the sensitivity, empathy, and intuitive nature often associated with this water sign. 

Languages hold a special place in my heart, and I'm fluent in Russian, the beautiful tongue that ties us all together. While I might not strictly adhere to kosher practices, my spirit finds solace in the rich tapestry of Jewish culture. 

As a woman with a medium level of income, I've carved a path in the realm of production through my own business venture. This self-made journey has instilled in me a blend of kindness and a firm sense of discipline. 

In terms of residence, I currently find my home with dear friends and family, cherishing the bonds that tie us together. I rely on public transportation to navigate the city, opting for the communal heartbeat over the hum of a personal vehicle. 

When it comes to vices, I steer clear of both smoking and alcohol, seeking a life that thrives on clean, positive energy. In my world, kindness and discipline walk hand in hand, shaping both my personal and professional pursuits. 

Let me offer a glimpse into my world: I'm a woman of kindness and discipline, a harmonious blend of firmness and compassion. My interests span from leisurely strolls to the intricate art of knitting, and from the delightful world of culinary arts to the poetic embrace of the Hebrew language. 

Now, as for my aspirations in a partner, I yearn for trust. In the vibrant tapestry of life, trust is the thread that binds us all. So, dear friends in this Jewish dating community, let's embark on a journey of companionship, friendship, and perhaps even something more profound. Together, we can craft a tale that resonates with the echoes of tradition and love.