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#38660 Jewish Dating And Marriage Russia, Volgodonsk: Igor, 45 Divorced

Igor · 45 · Russia, Volgodonsk
photo of Igor. Link to photoalboum of Igor
Zodiac sign taurusTaurus

   מחפש אישה יהודייה או יהודייה אמיתית להולדה. לא יכול לחבר את הדואר שלי w 89526030106

Dating Info

I'm looking for     woman
Partner age preferences     18 - 30
Relationship Type    Marriage
Marriage & Kids
Relationship status    Divorced
Kids    Have kids that don't live with me

Personal Info
My Age    45    
My Height          5'10''/178cm
My Weight            180 lb (82 kg)
Nationality / Religion    Different
Ethnicity     European Ethnic (Ashkenazi)
Kosher     Kosher to some degree
Languages:    Russian
Body Type     Athletic/Fit
Hair Color     Blond
Eyes Color     Brown
Qualifications     Bachelor's Degree
Employment / Occupation     I've a business
Occupation Field:     Architecture, construction and building
Income level     I have a high income
Residence     I live in my own apartment / house
Vehicle Ownership     Use private vehicle
Smoking Habits     Non-smoker
Drinking Habits     Never drink
Psychological Portrait
The most important qualities in a partner for me are: Devotion,
Wide soul
For me, the most important thing in a partnership is: Balance and harmony,
Ability to trust a partner,
Decency and respect for each other
I categorically dislike the people around me: Avarice,
I would choose the following countries for life: Israel ,
Countries I would never choose to live in: Australia,
My preferences / favorite free time activities: Nature walks,
Traveling around the world,
Solitude in the wilderness,
Reading good literature,
Fitness, sports,
Growing your business
I prefer sports: Brisk walking,
My favorite styles of music are: Classical music,
Popular music
The best evening for me is: Make a delicious dinner,
Go to a good restaurant,
Go to the fitness club,
Get some fresh air,
Have passionate sex
For me, the ideal date is: Dinner in a cool restaurant,
Walk along the promenade by the sea, relax on the beach,
Relax in a luxury hotel,
Picnic with your loved one,
Sex - what could be better?
In a situation of conflict with a partner, I: I express everything that has boiled,
I am trying to understand a loved one,
I do not quarrel with my partner at all
I will prefer the following gift from a loved one: Dinner for two at a cool restaurant,
Going to a play or movie premiere
How important is the relationship with the parents of my chosen one / my chosen one for me: Why not?,
It's important, because helping our parents is our responsibility,
Of course it is important - we are one friendly family!,
Seeing your parents often is so great!
The main problem in the pair, in my opinion, is: If one of the partners prefers to be offended all the time.,
When a partner lives his own life, not considering the interests of the partner.,
If one person in a pair does not have the opportunity to choose and make independent decisions.
For me, the ideal relationship is a couple: When partners are also good friends,
When there is sincerity and care for each other in a relationship,
When everything that happens in a couple is under control
For me, personal space in a pair is: Chatting with friends and buddies without a partner,
Fitness, read a book, watch a movie, personal hobbies
Being honest with your partner is: Talk about problems, but choose words, time and place,
First, deal with yourself and your feelings,
Be yourself - and respect your partner's right to be yourself

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