Hi there, I'm Darya, and I'm excited to share a bit about myself with you here on this Jewish Jewish Dating Site in Germany.

First and foremost, I'm searching for a special man, aged between 60 and 80, to connect with. Whether it's virtual or in person, I'm open to all possibilities – from friendship to long-term romantic relationships. As a widow with grown children who live independently, I'm ready to explore this new chapter in my life.

At 66 years young, I'm a proud Virgo with a height of 5 feet 5 inches and a weight of 141 pounds. My heritage is European, and while I identify with Judaism, I'm not particularly strict when it comes to keeping kosher.

I'm multilingual and can speak Russian and Ukrainian fluently, which adds a lovely dimension to my life. Moreover, I'm open to the idea of moving to another city if the right connection calls for it.

In terms of appearance, I'm slender and have captivating dark eyes and black hair that complements my positive and tranquil personality.

Currently retired, I used to work and now reside in Raifelden, renting an apartment. As a non-smoker, I enjoy a social drink on occasions and get-togethers.

I find great joy and passion in dancing and gymnastics, and I love exploring new places through travel.

Overall, I'm an optimistic individual who values respect, understanding, and support in a partner. I'm a woman of few words, but my silence speaks volumes of my caring and thoughtful nature.

So, if you're someone who appreciates these qualities and can add your own unique companionship to my life, I'd love to get to know you better. Let's share our stories, passions, and dreams, and see where this journey takes us.