Greetings from the enchanting city of Haifa, Israel! I'm Roxolana, and to me, the most cherished gift is life itself. 

As I embark on this journey in search of a partner, I'm setting my sights on a man between the ages of 54 and 57. What I long for is a connection filled with the magic of romantic rendezvous, the promise of enduring companionship, and the potential for a loving marriage. 

Having weathered the storms of life, I now stand as a divorced woman. My children have ventured out on their own, finding their own paths in the world. A Capricorn at heart, I carry with me the tenacity and determination of the mountain goat, navigating life's peaks and valleys. 

Standing at 5 feet 6 inches, my figure is a canvas that tells the tale of a life well-lived. With a weight of 174 pounds, I embrace every experience that has shaped me. The golden hue of my hair frames a face that reflects the wisdom of years, and my emerald eyes hold the spark of curiosity and wonder. 

My roots lie in the Orthodox tradition, and I am proud to be of European heritage. Languages are a window into the world, and I speak Hebrew, Russian, English, and Ukrainian with equal fluency. I believe in the possibility of change, and I'm open to the idea of relocating to a different city for the right connection. 

Education has been a cornerstone of my journey, with a pursuit that led me to attain a degree at the third level. In the realm of vocation, I balance the rigors of work with the joys of learning. My domain lies in the arts, culture, music, and entertainment, where creativity thrives. 

While my income may be modest, my heart is rich with love and experiences. I currently reside in a rented apartment, navigating the vibrant tapestry of Haifa through public transportation. 

When it comes to lifestyle choices, I stand firm in my commitment to health. I don't smoke, and alcohol doesn't hold a place in my life. I believe in cherishing the vessel that carries us through life's adventures. 

In describing myself, I'd say I'm a charismatic soul, balanced in my approach to life. I find joy in taking responsibility for my actions and cherishing the moments that make life beautiful. 

My interests span the horizons of travel, from the serene embrace of the sea to the majestic heights of mountains. Music, theater, ballet, and concerts feed my soul, and I express myself through the canvas of painting. Culinary adventures are a source of joy, as I create delectable dishes that bring people together. 

In a partner, I seek qualities of integrity, optimism, and the unwavering support that forms the foundation of a shared journey. Together, we'll navigate the road ahead, hand in hand, finding joy in every step. 

As I step into the realm of this Jewish dating website, I do so with hope and excitement. Love is a universal language, and I'm eager to see where it leads. If you're a man of substance, ready to explore life's wonders, I extend an invitation to connect. 

Let's embark on this journey together, discovering the beauty that life has in store for us. Yachad, we can create a story that's uniquely ours!