Hi there, lovely people of the Jewish Jewish Dating Site

My name is Riva, and I currently reside in the beautiful city of Haifa, Israel. At this stage of my life, I find myself yearning to connect with a warm-hearted and caring man who shares my passion for life and is ready to embark on an exciting journey of companionship and romance. 

As a widow, I am seeking a partner aged 68 to 80, someone with whom I can build a meaningful and lasting relationship. My top priorities in this endeavor are the possibility of meaningful encounters and the potential for a long-term connection. While my children are grown and living independently, family remains an essential part of my life. 

Astrologically, I am an Aquarius, a sign known for its uniqueness and individuality. Standing at a petite 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighing 135 pounds, I have a European ethnicity and captivating blue eyes that mirror the depths of the ocean. My luscious chestnut hair adds a touch of elegance to my appearance. 

Languages are a window to the soul, and I am proficient in both Russian and English. Additionally, I am open to the possibility of relocating to a new city for the right person, as I believe that love transcends geographical boundaries. 

My life has been enriched by the pursuit of knowledge and learning. I hold not one, but two advanced degrees – one in aviation and another in finance. Although I am officially retired, my background in finance has left a lasting impact on my life, and I continue to stay engaged in the field. 

Despite being in my golden years, I am often told that I look much younger than my age. And I truly believe that age is just a number – what matters most is the spark within and the thirst for life's adventures. 

Among my interests and passions, I find myself drawn to the enchanting melodies of classical and jazz music. My heart skips a beat when I contemplate the intricacies of Renaissance art, and I find great pleasure in traveling and exploring new places. Swimming is not only a wonderful way to stay active but also a soothing and liberating experience. My love for roses has led me to cultivate these beautiful flowers, and my keen eye for fashion ensures that I always dress with grace and style. 

When it comes to my potential partner, I am seeking someone who values mutual understanding and honesty. Sharing similar interests and passions would be a beautiful bonus, as I believe that the journey of life is best when shared with someone who appreciates its many facets. 

I am genuinely attracted to intelligent and engaging men who have a zest for life and a genuine curiosity about the world. In return, I offer my warm heart, a compassionate spirit, and a desire to explore life's wonders together. 
As I mentioned earlier, music holds a special place in my heart. I find solace and joy in the enchanting melodies of classical and jazz compositions. The timeless masterpieces of composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin never fail to evoke a range of emotions within me. At the same time, the soothing and soulful notes of jazz music bring a sense of relaxation and freedom to my soul.

My fascination with art extends beyond music, and I am particularly drawn to the captivating world of Renaissance paintings. The skill and creativity displayed by artists from this era leave me in awe, and I take great pleasure in studying their works and learning about the stories they convey.

Traveling is another passion of mine, and I cherish the opportunity to explore new places and experience different cultures. Whether it's wandering through the historical streets of European cities, marveling at the wonders of nature in exotic landscapes, or simply immersing myself in the local customs and traditions, each journey enriches my spirit and broadens my horizons.

I believe that staying physically active is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life, and swimming has become a favorite pastime of mine. There's something liberating about gliding through the water, and I find that swimming not only keeps me fit but also provides a sense of tranquility and peace.

One of my greatest delights is tending to my beloved roses. Their elegance and delicate beauty captivate me, and nurturing these flowers brings me immense joy. The vibrant colors and enchanting fragrance of roses never fail to brighten my day.

Fashion has always been a means of self-expression for me, and I take pleasure in dressing elegantly and tastefully. I believe that style is a reflection of one's personality, and I enjoy experimenting with different looks that showcase my inner spirit.

In essence, my interests encompass a diverse range of experiences and passions. From the soul-stirring melodies of music to the captivating world of art, from the wonders of travel to the joys of tending to nature's creations, each interest adds a unique facet to my life's journey.

I hope this glimpse into my world of interests gives you a better understanding of who I am and what brings me happiness. If any of these interests resonate with you or if you'd like to share your passions with me, I would be delighted to hear more about it. Let's discover more about each other as we embark on this exciting journey together!

With excitement and anticipation, 

Riva from Haifa