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How important is it to you to keep fit?    Somewhat important, I like to be in good physical shape, but it's not my top priority   
How often do you like to go out with friends?    Very rare: I prefer to be more private   
How do you feel about pets?    I love animals. I have pets or plan to have them in the future   
How important is your partner's appearance to you?    Very important - I appreciate a nice partner   
Are you looking for a casual or serious relationship?    I'm only looking for a serious relationship.   
Do you prefer a partner with or without children?    If my partner has children, it doesn't matter to me.   
How tall do you prefer your partner?    The same height as me.   
How important is it that your partner has similar interests and hobbies?    Doesn't matter - I'm all for finding new interests with my partner.   
How important is financial stability in a potential partner?    Moderately important - financial stability is one factor, but not the main one.   
How important is it that your partner be physically compatible?    Moderately important - physical compatibility matters but is not a major consideration.   
How long do you usually chat in correspondence before meeting for the first time?    Depends on the situation and the person.   
What do you think is the best way to get to know each other?    In an educational or professional setting.   
Do you think you should talk to your new partner about past relationships?    Depends on the situation and the level of trust in the relationship.   
How does your partner's penchant for black humor affect you?    Totally doesn't interfere, I myself appreciate black humor and find it funny.   
How long have you been single since your last relationship?    A few months.   
Do you believe in the possibility of a sincere friendship between a man and a woman?    Yes, but I believe it can be more difficult because of the possible emergence of romantic feelings.   
Do you consider it possible to remain in a friendship relationship with your ex/ her?    Depends on the specific circumstances and the relationship between former partners.   
How does the state of being in love affect your performance?    It has a positive effect on me, motivates me and increases my energy, which contributes to better performance.   
How important is your partner's sense of humor to you?    A sense of humor is a very important quality to me, and I appreciate a partner who can cheer me up and share funny moments.   
How do you feel about the marriage contract?    I am inclined to support prenuptial agreements, but with the specifics of each individual situation in mind.   
How important is your partner's zodiac sign to you?    Important, but not a major factor in the relationship. I take it into account, but I don't put a lot of emphasis on it.   
Do you have any experience with online dating?    Yes, I have had a history of online dating, but the results have been mixed or negative.   
Are you willing to give a second chance and agree to a second date after a failed first date?    Yes, I am open to a second date and willing to give it a chance to get to know my partner/partner better.   
Do you think a relationship where the man is younger than the woman has a future?    Yes, but the success of the relationship will depend on other factors such as mutual understanding, compatibility, and the maturity level of the partners.   
What do you think is the optimal age difference between partners in a couple?    A moderate age difference (6-10 years) can provide a balance of life experiences and energy, fostering mutual growth and development.