Hey there, fellow wanderers of the online dating realm! I'm Malka, and I'm here to dive into this fascinating journey with you. First things first, let me give you a glimpse into my world, all the way from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Yep, that's where my story unfolds, where my laughter echoes through the mountains and my dreams take flight. 

So, what brings me here? Well, I'm on the lookout for a partner – a partner in crime, in laughter, in life. A partner who's got that spark, that undeniable connection that goes beyond the surface. Age-wise, I'm all about those timeless connections, so if you're anywhere between 38 and 55, you've definitely caught my attention. 

Now, let's talk priorities. I'm all about those long-lasting relationships, the kind that grow like ancient trees, rooted deep in understanding and shared dreams. Marriage? Absolutely on the table. Because why not explore the possibility of building a beautiful life together? 

Speaking of my life, it's colorful and dynamic. I've taken the journey of motherhood and embraced it with open arms. My kids, they're my pride and joy – living with me, dancing through life's ups and downs right by my side. 

My zodiac sign? I'm a proud Taurus, solid as the earth and just as reliable. In terms of dimensions, I'm a cozy 5 feet 2 inches tall, and I've got a heart that weighs more than any scale could measure – a solid 132 pounds of passion, kindness, and curiosity. 

Let's talk about what keeps me centered – my faith. I'm deeply connected to my roots, following the beautiful path of Judaism. And while I might not have all the kosher rules locked down, I believe in the importance of tradition and spirituality. 

But hey, life's not just about the serious stuff, right? I've got an adventurous spirit, a body that loves to move, and a heart that seeks joy. Dancing and healing gymnastics are my jams – they're my way of expressing the rhythm of life. And then there's psychology – the art of understanding the human soul, the depths of our thoughts and emotions. 

Now, what's my vision of the perfect partner, you ask? It's simple yet profound. Kindness that shines through in every gesture, generosity that knows no bounds, maturity that brings wisdom to our journey, and an unwavering desire to truly understand and respect each other's needs. It's about creating a world where we're each other's safe haven, where we explore the unknown together, hand in hand. 

In my corner of the universe, I've carved out a space that's truly mine – a cozy apartment I call home, a little haven where memories are born and dreams take flight. And of course, getting around is a breeze thanks to my trusty personal transportation. 

Now, let's talk vices, shall we? I'm not one for cigarettes, but put me in good company or at a lively party, and I might just raise a glass. Life's all about balance, after all. 

So there you have it – a glimpse into my world, my dreams, and my hopes. I'm Malka, and I can't wait to learn about your story. Let's weave our tales together and see where this journey takes us. Shalom and let the adventure begin! ?