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How important is it to you to keep fit?    Very important, I prioritize staying fit and healthy   
How often do you like to go out with friends?    It all depends on the mood   
How do you feel about pets?    I like pets, but I prefer not to have them   
How important is your partner's appearance to you?    Moderately important - balance between appearance and personality matters.   
Do you prefer a partner with or without children?    Prefer someone with children - I have children and I want my partner to understand me.   
How tall do you prefer your partner?    Above me.   
How important is it that your partner has similar interests and hobbies?    Extremely important - common interests are the basis of a strong bond.   
How important is financial stability in a potential partner?    Very important - money stability and compatibility is crucial to me.   
How important is it that your partner be physically compatible?    Extremely important - physical compatibility is a vital aspect of a fulfilling relationship.   
How long do you usually chat in correspondence before meeting for the first time?    Depends on the situation and the person.   
What do you think is the best way to get to know each other?    Through mutual friends or acquaintances.   
Do you think you should talk to your new partner about past relationships?    Yes, but only if it has a direct impact on the present relationship.   
How does your partner's penchant for black humor affect you?    Depends on the context and content of specific jokes.   
How long have you been single since your last relationship?    Two years or more.