Shalom, I'm Valentin, and I'm delighted to be here on this vibrant Jewish dating platform, looking for that special connection and a chance at something meaningful. So, let's get to know each other better, shall we? 

I'm seeking a woman, someone with whom I can share laughter, experiences, and maybe even my heart. I'm looking for someone between the ages of 36 and 44, as I believe that a strong bond is built on common ground and shared values. My priorities in this journey are diverse, ranging from virtual connections and friendships to romantic encounters, long-term relationships, and even the possibility of marriage. I'm a firm believer in letting life surprise us. 

As for my own life, I've been through the ups and downs, and I'm now divorced. I have children, and they have started their own journeys in life. I'm a Leo, and I stand tall at 6 feet 2 inches, with a weight of 181 pounds. Yes, I'm all about those American metric units because they just make sense. 

My roots are firmly European, and my languages of choice are Hebrew and Russian. This linguistic diversity opens doors to connecting with a wide array of people, and I'm excited about the possibilities it brings. When it comes to relocation, I'm open to the idea of moving to a different city if the right person comes along. 

Professionally, I'm active in the service industry, and it's a field that challenges me daily and allows me to meet a diverse range of people. My socio-economic status places me comfortably in the middle class, and I currently rent my home – a cozy apartment that I've filled with warm vibes. 

Now, let's delve a bit deeper into who I am. I consider myself to be a modest and respectful individual. I hold high regard for the interests and perspectives of others, and I find myself often in a positive and cheerful mood. I'm on this Jewish dating platform with the hope of finding an intelligent and intriguing woman for a serious romantic relationship. It's all about the connection, the spark, and the possibility of sharing life's moments. 

When it comes to my interests, I have a passion for sports, particularly the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of being part of a team. Music is another love of mine, as it has the incredible power to shape our moods and create lasting memories. And then there's the sea, a place where I find serenity and a deep connection with nature. 

In a potential partner, I value kindness and a willingness to share common interests. I believe that a strong relationship is built on mutual understanding, shared values, and a sense of direction in life. A good heart and the desire to make a meaningful connection are at the core of what I'm looking for. 

So, if you're a woman between the ages of 36 and 44, and you're ready to explore the world of Jewish dating, I'd be thrilled to connect with you on this fantastic Jewish dating resource. Let's make this Jewish dating platform a place where we can create our unique story, filled with shared interests, new experiences, and the potential for a lasting connection. It's about more than just finding a partner; it's about embracing the richness of our heritage and making memories together. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better. I'm looking forward to hearing your story, learning about your interests, and discovering the potential for a connection that could stand the test of time. In the world of Jewish dating, there's a world of opportunities, and I'm excited to explore this journey with you.