What is the connection between finding love and running?

What is the connection between finding love and running?

We are all looking for someone to run with

Summer has passed its midpoint, which means that the Jewish New Year is approaching, and some of us will celebrate Rosh Hashanah in September, while others will mark yet another year being single. If you belong to the latter category, it's worth paying attention to our advice on how to open your heart to love in 2023.

We are all searching for someone with whom we can run. The ups and downs people face in the world of dating can be compared to runners embarking on a new road or trail. It's an exciting experience that requires caution, hope for the best, and adaptability to new conditions to maintain control in a new situation. Moreover, starting to run and embarking on the journey of finding love share many common moments that can provide psychological support in this process. The process of getting to know someone new is akin to running on uncharted paths – thrilling, demanding caution, full of hope, and requiring the overcoming of new obstacles. However, just like in running, deciding to search for love requires psychological preparation.

You've probably heard the saying that running is the best psychologist, and here's why: it's a time for reflection and self-discovery. People learn a lot about themselves, make improvements, and gain insights that were previously unclear while running.

What's the connection between the search for love and running? It's self-awareness and a clear understanding of our needs. Just as setting goals and developing physical abilities in running strengthens our "power" muscles and self-confidence, we also acquire essential skills for building relationships. The pursuit of love, just like sports or careers, demands setting goals.

Today, many young people seeking love express the desire for an environment free from gadgets, apps, and algorithms. In this regard, the running track can satisfy their need.

The connection between the search for love and running is all about connecting with ourselves and understanding our needs.

When you set the goal to run a marathon or any other race, you understand that you can't just sit at home and wait for the race date, hoping for the best. Even if you put effort into training and demonstrate perseverance, there might be factors beyond your control, like weather conditions. But at least you have an excellent starting point. The same applies to relationships.

Be honest about your expectations. Just like in running, the first thing we need to figure out when searching for love is where we are starting from. In relationships, this means paying attention to our relationship with ourselves. It's crucial to understand that when we don't respect ourselves, it becomes challenging to receive love from others. We need to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How confident are we in ourselves?
  • What is our self-esteem like?
  • Are we at peace with ourselves?
  • Do we love ourselves?
  • What level of self-awareness do we have in life?

This is analogous to the moment when we consult with a running coach and try to understand our physical fitness level, diet, and readiness for competition.

Once we have built a foundation based on self-respect and an awareness of our worth, we can start contemplating the following:

  • Do we genuinely want a relationship?
  • Are there any barriers that scare us?
  • What constitutes "success" in relationships for us?
  • This stage is also similar to the moment when you discuss the finish line with your coach and identify weak points along the way.

As in running, it's essential to set reasonable standards for what we want to achieve in relationships. Setting expectations too high can lead to disappointment or a lack of willingness to invest the effort needed to change this experience.

Falling in love on the running track.

Getting to know someone while running together for several kilometers is a unique adventure. You can learn how competitive they are and what drives them – things that are hard to discern on a "regular" date. Moreover, if you find someone with similar values, self-assurance, and energy, it can contribute to the development of healthy relationships.

Running can bring out the best in us. Our mood becomes more positive, we become more open, and this experience helps relieve stress. However, there's also a flip side: during the run, we sweat, we face challenges, our hair gets messy – and a partner who sees us in these situations might be the one we want to share more complex moments with in the future.

Just like in running, we need to understand where we are starting from when searching for love.

In conclusion, after understanding where we are starting from, identifying our desires and potential fears that may arise on the way, we can set a clear goal and start moving towards it. To succeed in finding love, we must clearly define our needs, be prepared for challenges, and never doubt our ability to find true happiness in a relationship.