(June 22 – July 23)

Element: Water

Colors: silver and sea green

Ruling Planet: Moon

Symbol:Zodiac sign cancer Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. Covers our calendar year from June 22 to July 23. The symbol represents the two claws of the crab.

Hercules was given Twelve Labors to perform. He was the son of Alcmena and Jupiter. Juno, Jupiter's wife, was jealous of Hercules and was responsible, indirectly, for Hercules being given these impossible labors, all of which he succeeds in performing, much to Juno's surprise and dismay. One of them was to slay the giant Hydra. There are many descriptions of this many headed great serpent, but all agree when one head was cut off, one or two more grew in its place. Hercules was busy battling this great beast when Cancer, the crab, attacked Hercules foot, driven on by Juno herself, to distract Hercules and cause him to make a mistake. But Hercules crushed it, then dispatched the Hydra.

Juno, ever grateful that the crab attempted such a heroic deed, placed the crab in the stars in heaven, in the constellation of Cancer.

Best Matches For Cancer Horoscopes

Cancer is most compatible with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo. However, the best match for Cancer is Taurus.

The best match for Cancer is Taurus because both are deeply attached to home and hearth and place great stock by family values. Cancer will be deeply in love with Taurus and keenly observe all the various facets of Taurus. Cancer expects a lot of sympathy during the course of life’s downs and the nurturing nature of Taurus comes to the rescue. Music and sensual excitement will figure on their priorities. Their love life will depend to a great deal on Cancer’s moods, if there has been any unpleasantness during the day, Cancer will stay aloof. When they get together though the sheets blush with the heat of their passion! Cancer will add an imaginative touch to their love-making.