Zodiac sign Libra: dates, character, compatibility


(September 24 – October 23)

Element: Air

Colors: pale blue and pink

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol:Zodiac sign libraLibra

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. Covers our calendar year from September 24 to October 23. The symbol is a pictograph for the Scale, which is in perfect balance.

Justice was represented by Themis, who was the mother to Astraea. Their constellations are next to each other, Virgo and Lira.

Best Matches for Libra

Libra enjoys being in love and this emotion gives them a glow. They refine love into an art form and bring a great deal of sensuality, romance and beauty into it. The best matches for Libra are Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries and Leo

Libra and Gemini will get along like a house on fire. Geminians are witty and entertaining and Librans enjoy every moment in their company. They make a wonderful intellectual connection. Both are free spirits who do not like to be curtailed. Both Geminis and Librans have an instant burst of sexual attraction and will strike it off well. Imaginative Gemini will get Libra sexually charged and the bedroom will be a boudoir of pleasure for both. Neither of them is into deep emotional connections and this suits their temperaments fine.

Libra Love Matches

Librans are known to be the zodiacal lovers. The best matches for Libra are Gemini, Sagittarius , Aries and Leo while the worst is Capricorn.

They empathize with their partners and show a deep understanding of their needs and desires. They enjoy being in a romantic relationship. They make sweet and thoughtful partners. They are rational and clear-headed in their approach rather than being emotional.

Libra Aries Compatibility

Libra and Aries are opposite signs but the surprise is that they will get along well. There will be a strong attraction and sexual chemistry between the two but at the same time they could hurt each other deeply as well. They will be very romantic and compassionate towards each other. They will seek variety in their love-making.

Zodiac Matching with Gemini

Libra and Gemini are both air signs and will get along like a house on fire. Libra astrology symbol brings Gemini the balance in life the sign needs. They will have a good mental rapport and Libra will go out of the way to please Gemini. They will enjoy holding long conversations and cuddling up to each other. Fantasy will be a part of their sex life and sometimes sex could turn out to be rough and crude too.

Love for Sagittarians

Libra and Sagittarius star signs are both party animals and enjoy socializing. Sagittarius may come up with grand schemes but Libra brings in a practical element to them. Both enjoy looking at the beautiful and noble side of life. Sagittarius can be shy of commitment, so it’s upto Libra to convince the partner. On the sexual compatibility front, sex will be a joyful and deep union, sometimes including unusual fare too!

Perfect Fit with Leos

Libra and Leo will fit each other perfectly like hand to glove. Leos tend to be bossy but Librans are good natured enough to tolerate this. Since both are unconventional and throw rules to the winds, they will have a good time. Libra helps Leo shed inhibitions and become more experimental. The sexual attraction will be very strong but sometimes when one comes on too strong it can be repulsive. They will love mirrors and scented oils.

Capricorn is not as social a person as Libra and this will make the relationship troubled. Besides, Capricorn may not be into the intellectual grind and this could irk high-thinking Libra.

Librans can be loving and caring on one side but can also take hard and cold decisions at the drop of a hat too.