I'm Svetlana, a 57-year-old woman from Holon, Israel. Thank you for visiting my profile. I'm here in search of a life partner, someone with whom I can share exciting adventures, leisurely strolls, sports activities, and engaging conversations about movies and books.

Let me share a bit more about myself. As a Capricorn, I bring determination, practicality, and a sense of responsibility to everything I do. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches (158 cm) tall, I have a normal build. With my blonde hair and captivating green eyes, I embrace my European heritage.

I am fluent in Hebrew, Russian, and English. I have an undergraduate degree and currently work in the field of architecture and construction. My socio-economic status is moderate, and I am fortunate to live in my own apartment.

When it comes to personal values, I consider myself an atheist. I don't smoke, and I only drink in social settings or at special occasions. Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is important to me.

In terms of interests and hobbies, I love traveling both within Israel and abroad. I enjoy hiking and exploring the beauty of nature. Attending concerts and visiting museums also bring me joy and inspiration.

In a potential partner, I am looking for someone with similar interests and a desire to spend quality time together. It would be wonderful to find a companion who shares my enthusiasm for life and is eager to embark on new adventures with me.

If you are a man between the ages of 52 and 60, seeking friendship, romantic connections, or a long-term relationship, I would be delighted to get to know you better. Let's discover if we have shared interests and the desire to enjoy life's pleasures together.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I look forward to connecting with someone who shares similar passions and a desire for companionship.