Hey there, wonderful people of this Jewish Jewish Dating Site! I'm Iris, and I'm beyond excited to be a part of this amazing community right here in the charming city of Rehovot, Israel. So, let's dive into my world and see if we're a perfect match! 

First and foremost, I'm looking for a special man who's between the ages of 46 and 55. Someone who's open to virtual connections, friendships, and perhaps, a beautiful romance that can blossom into something more profound. As for my own status, I'm a proud divorcee with children who have spread their wings and now live independently. 

Astrologically speaking, I'm a graceful Libra. With my 5 feet 8 inches tall frame, I carry myself with poise and elegance, just like a Hebrew "רוחנייתי" (rukhaniyati), or spiritual being. 

When it comes to languages, I'm quite the polyglot! I fluently speak Hebrew, Russian, and Ukrainian. These languages connect me to various cultures and make me feel like a citizen of the world, appreciating the diversity that surrounds us. 

Now, let's talk about appearances! My hair is a stunning shade of fiery red, resembling the vibrant colors of autumn leaves. Paired with my mesmerizing green eyes, they say that I have a captivating gaze that can warm even the coldest of hearts. 

Education is essential, and I hold a college degree that has empowered me to establish my very own business in the service industry. Yes, I'm a proud entrepreneur, and it's exhilarating to see my dreams come to life. 

In the grand tapestry of life, my economic status falls under the category of "middle-income," and I've found a cozy apartment to call home in this bustling city. 

When it comes to getting around, I choose to embrace the joys of public transport, where I can soak in the city's energy and interact with fellow travelers. 

I must admit, I don't smoke, but I do enjoy a drink or two in the company of friends at lively gatherings and festive soirées. There's something magical about the atmosphere of togetherness that these occasions bring. 

Now, let me share a bit more about myself. They say I have an inviting charm, and I wholeheartedly believe in cherishing every moment of life. Life is too short to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Instead, I focus on embracing the present with a heart full of gratitude and positivity. 

My interests and hobbies include indulging in classic literature, exploring the wonders of nature through hiking and strolling in picturesque parks, and delighting in the art of creating delicious culinary masterpieces in my kitchen. 

But that's not all! I'm also an advocate of mindfulness and self-discovery, always eager to learn and grow as an individual. 

So, my dear potential match, if you're seeking a vivacious, kind-hearted, and spirited woman to share in life's adventures, then I'm right here, waiting to take that leap of faith together. Let's create a beautiful chapter of our own love story, filled with laughter, joy, and a sprinkle of serendipity. 

I'm eagerly looking forward to getting to know you and discovering what the future holds for us as we embark on this thrilling journey called life. 

With a warm smile and an open heart,