Hello there! I'm Larisa, hailing from the picturesque Karnay Shomron in Israel. A warm and friendly "shalom" to you! I firmly believe in the power of a smile and an open gaze. I hold on to the belief that goodness and love exist in this world, and I genuinely wish that for both you and me. 

Let me share some insights about what makes me tick and what I'm looking for as I step into this exciting realm of online Jewish dating

Firstly, let's talk about my search criteria. I'm seeking a kindred spirit, a man whose age falls between 55 and 64. I envision a relationship that's not a fleeting spark but one that will endure, filled with moments of connection and shared dreams. 

As for my own status, I've experienced life's twists and turns, and I now stand as a divorced woman. I do have children, they've ventured out to build their own lives, leaving me with the freedom to explore new possibilities. 

Astrologically, I'm a Sagittarius – a free spirit with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) and with a solid frame weighing 161 pounds (73 kg), I'm ready to embrace whatever life throws my way. 

In matters of faith, I identify with Judaism but don't consider myself particularly religious. Languages are a window to the soul, and I speak both Hebrew and Russian. 

My professional journey has led me down the path of work, and my income is above average. I call a cozy apartment or house my home and I have the convenience of personal transportation to move around as I please. 

Regarding habits, I'm not a heavy smoker and alcohol is something I enjoy occasionally, preferably in the company of friends or during celebratory gatherings. 

As for the most important part – getting to know me – well, they say actions speak louder than words, so I'd prefer to save the best bits for our actual meeting. There's something magical about connecting in person, don't you think? 

Now, let's delve into my interests and passions. Picture this: the sea breeze gently caressing your face as you watch the sun dip below the horizon – that's my idea of bliss. And when it comes to music, jazz has the power to stir my soul. 

When it comes to finding the perfect partner, I believe that sometimes, you just know. It's not about ticking off boxes or adhering to a checklist; it's about that unspoken connection, the spark that ignites when two souls meet. 

So, here I am, stepping into this Jewish dating community with an open heart and a world of possibilities ahead of me. Who knows what beautiful chapter awaits? Let's find out together. 


Larisa ?❤️