Hey there! I'm Lily, and I'm currently living in the beautiful town of Karmiel, Israel. I'm excited to be part of this Jewish Jewish Dating Site, as I'm hoping to meet a wonderful man who's between the ages of 40 and 60. My ultimate goal is to find someone special for a long-term, meaningful relationship. 

A little about me - I'm a divorced woman with kids, and my children live with me. Family is a significant part of my life, and I cherish every moment spent with them. As for my personality, I'm a proud Sagittarius, which means I'm adventurous, optimistic, and always up for trying new things. 

Let's get down to some more personal details. In terms of physical appearance, I stand at 5 feet and 1 inch tall, and my weight is approximately 143 pounds. I believe in embracing one's own uniqueness, and my ethnicity is a delightful mix of different cultures. I'm fluent in Hebrew and Russian, so language won't be a barrier in our communication. 

Flexibility is essential to me, and I'm open to the possibility of relocating to another city for the right person. My body type is on the curvier side, and my eyes are a captivating shade of green that tends to draw people in. 

Regarding my education, I've completed my studies at a high school level, and I'm currently employed in the production industry. While my income is moderate, I'm content with what I have and believe that happiness isn't solely dependent on material possessions. 

As for my living situation, I currently rent an apartment, and I prefer to use public transportation to get around town. Being environmentally conscious, I find public transit to be a convenient and eco-friendly way to move about. 

In terms of lifestyle choices, I'm a non-smoker, and I drink alcohol only in social settings or at parties. Moderation is the key, and I believe in enjoying life responsibly and in good company. 

Outside of my work life, I'm passionate about various hobbies. I love trying out new recipes in the kitchen and experimenting with flavors from different cuisines. Traveling is another passion of mine, and I enjoy exploring new places, cultures, and meeting interesting people along the way. 

Life is an adventure, and I'm looking for someone who shares the same zest for life as I do. Someone who values family, is kind-hearted, and has a great sense of humor. Laughter is so important to me, and I believe that sharing laughter together can create a strong bond. 

I'm excited to embark on this journey of getting to know each other better. I believe that open communication and mutual respect are the foundations of any successful relationship. So, if you're interested in exploring life's wonders together, I'd love to hear from you! 

Feel free to drop me a message, and let's see where this incredible journey takes us. Wishing you a fantastic day, and I hope to chat with you soon!