Dating Info

I'm looking for     man
Partner age preferences     40 - 53
Relationship Type    Virtual Dating
Friend/Activity Partner
Long Term Relationship
Relationship status    Never was married
Kids    Have kids and they live with me

Personal Info
My Age    41    
My Height          5'5''/165cm
My Weight            114 lb (52 kg)
Ethnicity     European Ethnic (Ashkenazi)
Languages:    Russian
Body Type     Athletic/Fit
Hair Color     Blond
Eyes Color     Green
Qualifications     Master's Degree
Employment / Occupation     Working
Occupation Field:     Office and administrative support
Psychological Portrait
My preferences / favorite free time activities: Nature walks,
Reading good literature,
Creative / creative / handmade,
Fitness, sports,
Growing your business,
Learning new things
I prefer sports: Bicycle,
In a situation of conflict with a partner, I: I am trying to understand a loved one,
I am trying to find a compromise,
I give an account that conflicts are inevitable
For me, the ideal relationship is a couple: If a couple always has passionate sex,
When they completely accept each other in everything,
When there is sincerity and care for each other in a relationship
Being honest with your partner is: Talk about problems, but choose words, time and place,
First, deal with yourself and your feelings,
Be yourself - and respect your partner's right to be yourself