Shalom to all the wonderful souls on this Jewish Jewish Dating Site! My name is Marina, and I call the vibrant city of Tel Aviv in Israel my home.

Let's jump right into this exciting journey of getting to know each other better!

I'm on the lookout for: A special man to share my life and love Partner's age: Somewhere between 45 and 58 – age is just a number, but compatibility matters most! Dating priorities: I'm here with the hope of finding a life partner and building a loving family together My relationship status: I've been through a divorce, and I don't have any children of my own.

A little glimpse into my astrological side:

I'm a steadfast Taurus, standing tall at 5 feet 6 inches, with a heart full of determination and loyalty.

A little more about me, straight from my heart:

I speak Russian fluently, and the idea of moving to a different country is something I'm open to – exploring new horizons is thrilling!

As for my appearance, you'll find me with a warm and enchanting russet hair color and soulful brown eyes.

In my profession, I'm in the administrative field, making sure things run smoothly and efficiently.

Now, let's talk about my outlook on life:

I have a moderate income, and I'm grateful to live in my very own apartment, cherishing the comfort of my space.

Getting around, you'll find me using public transport to navigate the city – it's convenient and eco-friendly!

When it comes to personal habits, I'm not a smoker, and I don't drink alcohol at all – I prefer to savor life's moments without the influence of spirits.

A little about my personality – I'm a kind and sociable soul, and I value connecting with others on a meaningful level.

Now, onto my interests and passions:

Dancing is one of my true loves – it brings joy and rhythm into my life. And when I'm not dancing, you might catch me singing my heart out – music is a beautiful way to express emotions.

And let's not forget about my furry friends – I absolutely adore dogs!

Now, here's what I'm searching for in a partner:

Love and mutual understanding are key – I'm looking for a companion who shares these values. Someone who appreciates the beauty of life and cherishes each moment together.

So, if you're looking for a warm and genuine connection, filled with love and understanding, let's chat! Together, we can create something beautiful and everlasting. L'chaim to new beginnings and a future filled with love and harmony!