Hey there! My name is Alexandrina, and I'm 33 years old from Moscow, Russia. I'm an Aquarius, in case you're into astrology.

Let me share some details about what I'm looking for:

? Seeking: A great guy who shares similar interests and values! ⚤ Partner's age: 30 - 45 (around that range) ? Relationship priorities: I'm open to virtual connections, friendship, romantic dates, and long-term relationships. Let's see where it leads! ?‍?‍? Family status: I'm single, but I have children who live with me. They're my world!

Now, let's dive into my personal information:

? Age: 33 years young (life's an adventure!) ? Height: 164 cm (about 5'5'' in US units) ⚖️ Weight: 75 kg (around 165 lbs) ? Ethnicity: European (a mix of cultures) ? Languages: I speak Russian and English fluently. ? Willingness to relocate: I'm open to the possibility of moving to another country for the right person. ?️ Body type: I have a curvy physique (love my curves!) ? Hair color: Chestnut brown (it suits me well) ? Eye color: Warm brown (they say my eyes are mesmerizing) ? Education: I hold a Bachelor's degree (I love learning!) ?‍? Occupation: I'm a business owner, which keeps me busy. ? Industry: I work in the service sector, making people's lives better. ? Socioeconomic status: I have an average income and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. ? Living situation: I have my own apartment/house, and it feels like home. ? Transportation: I usually get around using public transportation. ? Smoking: I do smoke occasionally, but it's not a strong habit. ? Drinking: I enjoy a drink in good company or at parties.

About me:

I'm known for bringing joy and warmth to any situation. My friends always say that being around me is a blast! ?❤️

Interests and hobbies:

? Snowboarding is my passion. I love the thrill of gliding down the slopes! ? Watching movies and reading books are favorite pastimes of mine. ? I have a deep appreciation for history and love learning about different cultures. ? Painting is my creative outlet, allowing me to express myself.

In a partner, I'm looking for a true friend, someone who I can share the joys of life with. Having that special connection and understanding is what matters most to me.

If you think we might hit it off, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's see if we can create something amazing together. Can't wait to hear from you! ?❤️