Hey there, dear reader! I'm John, a guy in his late twenties residing in Petah Tikva, Israel. I speak Russian and I'm looking to build a strong friendship online with a woman or a guy (as a friend) that could potentially turn into something more. At the initial stage, I'm interested in maintaining strictly online connections, with the possibility of transitioning to a real-life friendship in the future. Marriage is naturally excluded from the equation. I believe that genuine friendship and a close bond are essential for a successful relationship. Meaningful connections go beyond mere conversations. However, I'd love to eventually meet up in person because real-life friendship is equally important to me, not just online interactions.

I strongly believe that getting to know each other and establishing trust is crucial. If you're interested in being friends with me and feel hesitant about online communication, let me assure you that we will eventually meet in person. We need to build trust and confidence in one another. I genuinely want to find a great friend of any gender who is understanding and compassionate.

I have certain expectations for a friend, which I'll discuss in our private messages. Likewise, feel free to share your expectations of me. The more you tell me about yourself, the better I'll understand and appreciate you. We can discover many topics to talk about. The key is openness and the ability to communicate. Shared interests are not crucial for a true friendship; understanding and a strong bond are far more important, even if our interests differ.

I'm drawn to people who are open, honest, trusting (in the best sense of the word), and genuine. I'll only share my photo after engaging in extensive conversation through messages, as I need to trust you before sharing personal information. If this concerns you, I'm willing to send you my photo once we become true pen pals.

Interests and hobbies:

I enjoy playing video games and listening to EDM music.

In a partner, I'm seeking sincerity and a genuine person who can understand their partner.

If you're looking for a sincere friendship and the ability to understand your partner, let's get to know each other better. Feel free to reach out and start this exciting journey together.