Hey there! The name's Leonid, and I'm a 60-year-old gentleman residing in the beautiful city of New York, USA. As a Capricorn, I'm here on this Jewish Jewish Dating Site in search of a special connection with a wonderful woman.

I'm looking for a female partner between the ages of 40 and 52. My priorities in getting to know someone include friendship, romantic encounters, long-term relationships, marriage, and the possibility of building a family together. Currently, I am divorced and have children who live independently.

Let me share some personal details about myself. I stand tall at 6 feet (180 cm) and have a fuller physique. With my charming black hair and warm brown eyes, I have a European look that you might find appealing.

When it comes to languages, I am fluent in both Russian and English. I hold a degree at the I level of education and work in the healthcare field. I have an average income and enjoy the comfort of living in my own apartment or house.

In terms of transportation, I have my own vehicle, which gives me the freedom to move around. I don't smoke, and I only indulge in a drink or two in the company of others or at social gatherings.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about myself. I consider myself an easygoing and sociable person with a warm heart. I enjoy spending time with loved ones and friends, engaging in meaningful conversations, and creating memorable experiences.

In my free time, I appreciate engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation. Whether it's exploring the city, enjoying nature, attending cultural events, or indulging in hobbies, I believe in making the most out of life's experiences.

I'm looking to meet a kind-hearted and compatible woman who shares similar values and interests. Together, we can create a strong bond based on trust, respect, and companionship. Passion, laughter, and meaningful connections are what I seek, both in intimate moments and in everyday life.

If you're a woman who appreciates genuine connections, enjoys the simple pleasures of life, and seeks a partner to share exciting adventures and cherished moments, then let's embark on this journey together.

I'm excited about the potential of finding a wonderful woman who complements my life and with whom I can build a fulfilling and joyful future. Let's get to know each other better and discover the magic that lies ahead!

Looking forward to connecting with you and exploring the possibilities of this extraordinary journey called life.