Hey there, everyone! I'm Julia, and I'm putting myself out here on the Jewish dating scene with high hopes of meeting someone special. 

Let me give you the scoop about me: 
I'm on the hunt for a good-hearted man, aged between 40 and 47, who shares my passion for building something strong and long-lasting. Divorced with grown-up kids who are doing their own thing, I'm all about finding that partner to embark on a new journey with. 

Now, let's talk about who I am:  
I'm a Libra, standing at a modest 5 feet 6 inches tall, with blonde locks and piercing blue eyes. I've got that lean, slim build. My roots trace back to Europe, and I'm deeply connected to my Jewish heritage, practicing some kosher principles. 

Professionally, I'm in the healthcare industry and have achieved a solid level of education, a bachelor's degree. I'm fluent in Russian, but hey, I'm open to relocating if the stars align for that big move. 

When it comes to lifestyle, I don't smoke, and I'm a firm teetotaler – no alcohol for me whatsoever! My hobbies include traveling, diving into great books, and immersing myself in soulful melodies. 

What am I looking for in a partner, you ask? 
Well, first and foremost, shared values and life perspectives. I value someone who has experienced the intricacies of family life, adores quality literature, and respects our beautiful Jewish traditions. 

I'm seeking someone who cherishes love, laughter, and life itself. A sense of humor is a huge plus – who doesn't love a good laugh? I genuinely hope to meet someone who appreciates the essence of our Jewish customs and cherishes family values. 

So, if you're in the same Jewish dating service and resonate with what I've shared, let's connect! It's all about finding that special someone who speaks the same language of the heart. 

Here's to the wonderful journey ahead of us! L'chaim! 🥂