Hello, everyone! I go by the name of Ella, and I'm proud to call the lovely city of Netanya, Israel, my home. I'm here on this Jewish Jewish Dating Site in search of a wonderful man – someone with whom I can connect in a virtual setting and potentially build a lasting relationship. My heart is open to the possibility of finding love and even considering marriage if the right person comes along.

A little bit about my family status – I am currently single, and though I have children, they live independently. They are a significant part of my life, and I cherish the moments we share.

Now, let's delve into some personal details. I am a Cancer – nurturing, compassionate, and intuitive. In terms of my physical appearance, I stand at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh around 176 pounds.

As for my background, I identify with Eastern ethnicity and follow the Orthodox Christian faith. I'm fluent in Russian, which helps me connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Physically, I have a solid build, and I adorn myself with elegant ash-gray hair and soulful brown eyes.

Professionally, I am employed in the manufacturing sector, which keeps me engaged and content. My socioeconomic status is average, and I am fortunate to have a home of my own where I reside.

When it comes to getting around, I prefer to use public transportation, which is quite convenient for daily commuting.

In terms of lifestyle choices, I'm not much of a smoker and only occasionally indulge in a puff. As for alcohol, I enjoy it mainly in the company of friends or at social gatherings.

Now, let me share a bit more about myself – I'm a calm and collected individual, not one to talk too much but always ready to be a good companion. I value cleanliness and take pride in maintaining a neat and tidy living space.

As for my interests and hobbies, I find joy in driving my car and spending time by the sea. Both activities bring me a sense of freedom and tranquility.

In a partner, I'm looking for someone with whom I can build a friendly connection. I believe that taking the time to know each other as friends is a crucial step in forming a deeper and more meaningful bond.

So, there you have it – a little glimpse into my life and what I'm seeking. If you believe we might have a connection or share common interests, feel free to reach out. Let's take the time to get to know each other and see where this journey leads us. Looking forward to the possibilities and the excitement of potential friendships blossoming into something beautiful!